Wraxall Capital Management

Leveraging results through capital efficiency

About us

Not far from the financial centre of Bristol, on the side of Tickenham Hill, you will find the parish of Wraxall. Soaring above the hill are the most graceful of hunters; Buzzards.


These beautiful birds are extremely efficient; going about the task of hunting for food using skills learnt over thousands of years.


It's here that we find the inspiration driving Wraxall Capital Management. The efficient utilisation of the environment, the patient identification of the best opportunities and the rapid but ruthless execution of the chosen objective.



Wraxall Capital Management are experienced actuaries and programme managers with expertise in UK Life Insurance. Our aim is to improve the returns on capital employed to generate enhanced value for shareholders and better security for policyholders and employees.


We are able to carefully identify potential opportunities, design projects to realise the opportunities and manage projects through to delivery.


  • Financial Restructuring
  • M&A
  • Closed book transactions
  • Internal Transactions
  • Scheme Support
  • Policyholder Equity Issues
  • Interim Practicing Actuaries


Wraxall Capital Management Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales, with company number 09894217. Registered address: Alto Mira, Clevedon Road, West Hill Wraxall.